The name “Markgräflerland” means the Upper Rhine region with its vineyards and gentle hills south of Freiburg in the Breisgau to Basel. However, the south-western foothills of the Schwarzwald and the lower Wiesental are also counted among the region. Lörrach, Müllheim and Schopfheim are the largest cities in this region, the Schopfheim in the Wiesental is the oldest city. In the south, the Markgräflerland borders the Switzerland with the Rhine and the Alsace (France) in the west, also with the Rhine.

The Markgräflerland is characterized by vineyards, meadows and valleys, and presents itself in every season with a magnificent color. Whether it is cherry blossom in the spring or the earthy colors of autumn – you will be enchanted by the beauty of this landscape. There are many cultural monuments to discover homely places, down-town villages and small towns. Our region, which has been popular since the Romans for its thermal springs and its southern climate, spreads a lot of well-being and is called the “Toscana of Germany”, not least because of the mild and pleasant climate. It is a landmark in which literary and painters have always been a guest, as well as a wealth of holidaymakers and connoisseurs.