The kidneys are high performance organs that are vital for life: every day they filter approximately 1,500 litres of blood. However, that natural filtration system can be damaged due to disorders. Decreased renal function is frequently the result of other, undetected or inadequately treated disorders, such as hypertension or diabetes.
We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of kidney disorders, and offer you the entire spectrum of modern nephrology. The essential aim of treatment is to stabilize organ function, to avoid renal replacement therapy, or postpone it as long as possible. Our experienced team provides care and supports you individually – professionally competent and with a personal touch.

Nephrologie – Nierenerkrankungen

Since chronic renal impairment is associated with secondary disorders, we also pay particularly close attention in this respect. We have deliberately placed an emphasis on the treatment of high blood pressure disorder, renal anemia, and osteopathy. In addition, we focus on adapting the dosing of your medication given renal
Our specialized medical and nursing team will support you. Even if a transplant is necessary, you will be in good hands in preparing for surgery and for postoperative medical supervision.

We work comprehensively – in diagnostics and in therapy

Our services in overview

The Markgräflerland Professional Internal Medicine Joint Practice offers a wide range of services for acute and chronic renal impairment. Supported by the latest diagnostics, we develop a comprehensive treatment together with you, based on the latest scientific findings.
Our experienced medical and nursing team provides you with care and support at all stages of your disorder, in our professional internal medicine outpatient clinics at the locations of Schopfheim, Müllheim, and Bad Krozingen.
Our focus is primarily on

    • diagnosis and treatment of immunologically inflammatory disorders such as
    • diagnosis and treatment of infections, such as urinary tract infections or
    • diagnosis and treatment of genetic diseases, such as cystic kidneys
    • diagnosis and treatment of metabolic disorders, such as kidney stones
    • renal replacement therapy
    • preparation for kidney transplants
    • monitoring and care after a transplant
    • diagnosis and treatment of high blood pressure disease, renal anemia, and renal osteopathy

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